These effects explain why smokers like to continue smoking despite the dangers. They receive a bit of pleasure, but embark on a path towards a world of pain.

How to treat addiction to smoking
(or chewing tobacco):

I recommend that you do this only under the instruction of a physician. As previously explained, nicotine ONLY TEMPORARILY and minimally provides many good effects. But do not forget that it causes severe and terrible problems too. When one decides to stop smoking, it causes depression and dysphasia (unhappiness and anxiety). These effects can be treated by Bupropian (150-300mg per day). This is regarded as an antidepressant, but it helps to stop smoking even in a person who is not depressed. This is a prescription medication, which needs to be started one week before quitting. It is recommended to continue treatment for one year to decrease the chances of relapse.

The other medications are anti-anxiety. The appropriate choice of medication depends upon the patient and the clinical judgment of the physician. The other medications which may be used include Clonidine and Nortriptyline.

Clonidine is also used in the treatment of hypertension. It has been useful in decreasing withdrawal symptoms. It is useful since some of these symptoms are hypertension and cold sweating. Clonidine is useful for 3-10 weeks.

Nortriptyline 75-100mg for 12 weeks has been recommended which is less expensive than bupropian, but has not been approved by the FDA at this time, for indication of ?treatment of smoking?

Another alternative treatment for nicotine addictions is to replace the habit with nicotine products. This technique is similar to attempting to extinguish fire with fire. Please be aware that these products are not safer than the nicotine in cigarettes or chewing tobacco. It simply replaces the habit of putting a cigarette between the lips. In other words, these change the physical dependency and encourage the smoker to dare that he or she can stop Remember that these products help by allowing the gradual decrease of nicotine use thus decreasing withdrawal symptoms.

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