When it gets worse, the whole foot becomes darkish and painful as the hurting becomes more severe. The pale spot on the right foot shows obstructed blood flow.

Observe the start of gangrene at the big toe. Severe dryness and swelling accompany severe pain.

The body attempts to build more blood vessels, but cannot provide enough blood flow. Dying tissue disfigures the foot and causes great pain.

When skin is dead, even a simple scratch causes dead skin to peel off, and ulcers do not heal. Please notice edema just above the mark of his sock. This is due to poor circulation.

Poor blood circulation causes more problems when it gets worse and it hurts like hell. This is ready to get gangrene.

Gangrene eventually sets in and the toe dies. It is awfully painful. Your body is alive but your foot is dead. It is just terrible.

When the surgeons remove the dead toe, the ulcer does not heal. It is because of poor blood flow, to carry antibiotics and oxygen to the tissue. Please notice dead skin. The same problem exists when surgeons remove a damaged disc in the back.

An Interventional injection therapy (lumbar sympathetic block) helped to improve blood circulation. This improves healing and eliminates pain.

Same story - Please notice how inflamed the whole foot has become. Blood (which carries antibiotics and oxygen) does not flow.

Surgeons usually amputate the leg below the knee and then above the knee.

Again, lumbar sympathetic block as interventional pain mangement helped to improve healing and decrease pain.

These are photos of autopsy samples

Even half a pack per day in a young person can cause so much darkish spots in the lungs. This is just the beginning of the damage!

These holes predispose the patient to burst their lungs and die. See the many big holes. This is what is called emphysema. Cigarette ash fills the whole lung. Food and water taken in by mouth leave the body, but cigarette ash becomes trapped. Why suffocate yourself with ASH?

You cannot imagine how much this person suffered from shortness of breath before he died. These lungs lose their oxygen absorption ability.

Lung cancer can be caused by second hand smoke. It can occur in a non-smoker whose spouce or parent smokes.

A patient in the final hours of his life: He has lost both hands and legs and is only kept alive by a breathing machine (respirator).

We return to the initial signs of trouble. It is amazing how people continue smoking despite these signs. They certainly do not understand the peril. I request physiciants to make their patients understand. At this stage, discs and joints of the back are even worse. These cause very very severe pain, and DISABILITY.

As soon as you see even these early stages, you can be sure the patient has disc deterioration and arthritis in the back and joints.


To physicians: If a patient complains of pain anywhere, please examine them for this and educate them.

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